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Cloud Adoption

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

For many companies setting their first steps in the cloud can be a challenging task.

In all steps of your journey I can provide assistance, guidance and coaching on the topics that are relevant for you. 

All services described below are divided in the topics that are also used by Microsoft in their Cloud Adoption Framework.

The advisory workshops listed below are only a subset of the possibilities, so do not hesitate to reach out to me to tailor the agenda specifically to your needs and budget.

Viccas IT Consultancy

+15 years experience in IT consultancy

Define Strategy

Discovering the rabbit hole
  • Introduction to Azure (AZ-900)

  • What to expect from the public cloud?

  • Azure foundations

Laptop en plant


Think. Plan. Do.
  • Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500)

  • Developing for the cloud (AZ-300)

  • Designing an infrastructure strategy (AZ-301)


Press any key to continue
  • Designing for identity and Security (AZ-301)

  • Deploying and configuring infrastructure (AZ-300)

  • Designing a data platform solution (AZ-301)

Blue Stairway


Change like the clouds
  • Migrate: Azure lift & shift migrations

  • Innovate: Application innovation (AZ-20x)


Oil the gears
  • Azure governance

  • Implementing DevOps processes (AZ-400)

  • Implement Azure Security (AZ-203)

  • Monitor, troubleshoot and optimize Azure solutions (AZ-203)

Het werken met Laptop


Look, no hands!
  • Azure for administrators (AZ-103)

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