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IT Consultancy

Cloud, architecture and security

Viccas is a one man IT consultancy firm founded by Bart Verboven, who focuses primary on assignments on Microsoft Azure.


With over 7 years of experience on the Azure platform and a total of over 12 year experience in the IT consultancy world, I can assist you in all stages.


From assisting in defining your IT strategy to designing and implementing the environment and coaching your team in how to operate a cloud environment.

Viccas IT Consultancy

+10 years experience in IT consultancy

My services

I distinguish myself in the very pragmatic & down to earth approach to taking care of things.


Because of my experience in real environments I can guide you past the abundance of marketing slides out there and create a design or approach that creates the best possible value for you.

As no two environments are the same, all solutions can be custom tailored to fit your needs to the fullest.

  • Cloud

    Apps & Infra

    Cloud audits & advisory

    Migration planning




    Short term sourcing

    Long term sourcing

  • Architecture

    Completing the jigsaw

    Whiteboard sessions

    IT governance

    Cloud solution architecture

    Hybrid cloud architecture

    Technical writing

  • Security

    Protecting the keep

    Security audit

    Security advisory

    Cloud security officer

Viccas IT Consultancy

Cloud fundamentals
Technical deepdives
Architecture whiteboards
Migration workshops

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Bart Verboven

Crauwelshoeve 47, 2547 Lint

BE 0735.552.087